Frequently Asked Questions…

Hopefully you can get some answers to your questions and whatever you can’t find here, feel free to fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you with your specific questions.

How can I see what dates / times are open for events?

Check out our online calendar HERE.

How much does it cost to rent this place?

Check out our Rate Sheet located HERE.  It has some basic rate info for you, but know that we are always open for talking about your specific needs and budget and we could be willing to work with you to make things happen.

How many people can you fit into the space?

It depends. If you’re doing a big dinner and filling the joint up with tables and chairs then your max number is right around 115.  If you’re setting up a bunch of chairs and standing room you’re more into the 150 range, and if you’re looking at just opening the space up, the room will easily accommodate up to 200 people.

What’s the kitchen like, what kind of equipment is in there, and what are the kitchen capabilities?

Our kitchen is primarily designed around staging food NOT primary food preparation.  There is a refrigerator, small deep freeze, range with oven for food warming, sink, commercial coffee brewer, and approximately 12 feet of countertop space.  There is also a brand new large serving peninsula located right outside of the kitchen.

What can you do in terms of Audio, Video, live music and lighting?

We have the capability to do large audio/video productions, live sound and involved stage lighting.  Our basic fees for the use of the space only include the ability to do simple audio from off of an ipod, laptop, or similar  digital music player and the use of a vocal stage microphone.  In addition, the basic fee would cover setting up a projector and screen for basic video projection from a laptop with a VGA connection.  If you’re wanting to do a concert, have live music or do more involved audio / video productions we can provide A/V technicians and work out the added fee involved in these types of events.

Tell me about this smaller “living room” space? What’s going on in there?

We do have a smaller room called our “living room.”  It has carpet, modern furniture, bookcases and is an ideal location for smaller meetings of 5-30 people.  We currently can do video projection in this space.